What is a fair price to pay for a central air system replacement?

I received a price of $4,900 for a 3.5 ton SEER 13 system. This seems high to me

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    Labor is the biggest variable and it could vary quite a bit by contractor. I wouldn't necessarily go by what someone else pays in another part of the country (like me) because these costs can vary even more by region. You would be better off getting two more quotes from different contractors in your area. Beware of low-ballers and be sure that they are all quoting you the same type of system. A cheap unit might be noisy and draw excessive amps upon startup. If you don't spend time outside near the unit, that may not be important (but blinking lights might be).

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    Sounds exceptionally high, but different installs require varying amounts of work. Here in the Midwest, replacing an indoor evaporator coil (sitting on a gas furnace in the basement), the outdoor condensing unit and line set between the two would be around $3,000 for a typical 13 SEER system. This would be typical for higher end equipment such as Carrier, Lennox or Trane. Cheaper/builder brands would probably save around $500.

    However, if it was an air handler in an attic and the new air handler had a variable speed (or ECM) blower, $ 4,000 would not be out of line – five would be out of the question.

    In any case, I would recommend first getting your electric utility involved. See if they have any rebates, special financing or sizing guidelines to help you sort the decision out. Some of ours here offer zero percent PLUS up to $400 just for the asking. One of them will even come out and perform a load calculation to help size the equipment for FREE.

    Secondly, I would get three estimates – preferably from dealers selling the same lines of equipment so you can be comparing apples to apples. In addition, make sure they give you complete model numbers of both the indoor and outdoor units. Check these efficiencies and operating costs on ARI (link below).

    Lastly, check with your municipality or Authority Having Jurisdiction (county, parish, whatever) to make sure your selected contractor is properly licensed and have the work inspected by the AHJ if they offer/require that.

    One half of the money I may have saved you can be Paypal’ed to me if you would like! Good Luck!

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    initially a 4 ton chop up gadget a/c is the right length on your position. you want a million ton of cooling for each 500 sq. ft. Then upload a million/2 ton to it for any conceivable additions on your position and/or warmth load, vaulted ceilings. So the sizing is sweet. If that value consists of the furnace or airhandler then it possibly alittle severe. Alot of variables are in play the following, like the manufacture, seer score, area. service, Trane, and York are your excellent 3 in value, overpriced in case you question me. An American widely used, Comfortmaker, and maximum others cool a similar yet basically dont have each of the bells and whistles on them. undergo in concepts at the same time as them bell and whistles destroy they're exspensive to replace or fix. wish this permits

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    3.5 ton 10 seer cost me $3,000

    Try getting a 12 seer may save a few dollars

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    If You Have Old Ac System it's a lower seer rating so that means they will have to replace A-coil and lineset.

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    What Model are you getting and what did they offer for this price?

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