How to I send a copy of a web page,(not an attachment!!) from yahoo to you or anyone else?

Third time I asked here..Lets get it right..I go to send you a copy of a web page I am looking at. I do not want to send a link,o.k..Go to file, go to send, go to"page by email" I enter where I want it ti go,,,I get another window, asking for a pop mail server and password...Now what do I do?, something is set wrong...A mail server name is there,I DO NOT KNOW IF IT IS RIGHT, and then it asks for a password,,i enter my yahoo password and the other widow with the mailbox and arrow from explorer says it can not send the mail,,,it just sit there and the other window come sup again asking for my password again...I know my works to send mail and log in..I just cannot send a page anywhere..And internet explorer is set to msn hotmail as a default email program..all I have in the list to choose from is msn or outlook as my email programm..How do i fix this??..

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    Just left drag and right copy and go to compose and paste it on the send it that way.

    This is the problem:

    I phoned Yahoo! yesterday, 11-28-06, and they told me that they are still working on the bugs of the Yahoo! Beta Mail The "Session Expired" issue is what they are working on at present.

    Thousands are having many different problems with their mail as there is still a glitchs that Yahoo! hasn't gotten fixed yet in their new format.

    This applies to almost all areas of mail (including signing in, composing, receiving, sending, attachments, photos etc.), messenger and search problems, for the last two weeks.

    I found this in What's New In Mail:

    We’re wrapping up a few remaining compatibility issues between Yahoo! Mail Beta and the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0

    Until they finish wrapping up try some of the things below:

    To get in most areas of Yahoo!:

    This one has a lot of good info that covers about everything on a PC:

    Yahoo! Mail Help Tips:

    For those who can't get in at all try this as it seems to be working for a few.

    Login on My Yahoo! page

    Select the link at top right to go to Yahoo!'s Home Page.

    Hover over the Mail Icon under where it says (Hi, your Yahoo! id).

    You should get a drop down menu with your latest emails displayed.

    Select an email and click it. You then get to a new page about Shortcuts, but just select the button for Mail and it should take you to your Mail page.

    It wasn't getting redirected to the shortcuts page on some servers and not going to the mail page.

    This is also working for some:

    Click the "Options" link in the upper right of your Mail page.

    On the Options page, in the "Management" column, click on "General Preferences".

    Find the "Composing E-mails" section, "Mode:", and choose "Compose messages as plain text".

    Scroll to the bottom and click the "Save" button.

    Now try it. Can you Compose, Reply to a message or Forward?

    This is working for some also:

    Make sure your screen resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels. Right click on your desktop, click Properties, click the "Settings" tab, left click and hold on the screen resolution bar and drag it all the way to the right, click Apply and click OK

    To contact Yahoo!:

    Toll free 1-866-562-7219 - 1-800-318-0608


    408-349-1572 customer care

    408-349-3301 fax

    Yahoo! Help Form:

    I hope this helps you.

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    Send a link and forget about sending the page! Pages take to much bandwidth and probably this is why you cannot send it out.

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