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need help for xmas idea?

ok, so i'm taking my BF to vegas for xmas, it was supposed to be a surprise, but i messed up and he found out. he doesnt know where we are staying, but still... thing is, i spent a lot on this trip and now i feel like i'm not getting him anything for xmas since he knows! i cant really aford to get him much else, i got some small things but what can i do to make it a special xmas? i was thinking of wrapping up some stuff that has to do with the hotel we are going to be staying at, but thats pretty much just a box of usless stuff, so that kinda a crummy gift. any help is much appreciated


to the second poster - i'm older than you are hun :) we're both 24, and this is our second trip out there, he took me this past year for my birthday since my xmas present went to hell in a hand basket :) so he knows how much it costs, i just dont like the idea of not giving him a physical gift to unwrap, ya know? go to vegas, its fun!! and i found on-line yesterday you can get rooms for as low as $25 a night (i wish i had seen that deal a few months back!!!)

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    How about a watch or cologne?Maybe even a nice shirt.

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    It depends what he is into. If he golfs, find out what type of balls he uses and get him a box of his favorite balls. Gift Certificates to his favorite store always works. A tool that he has wanted. A movie or CD that he likes and wants. Maybe wrap yourself up in something sexy and let him open it. Or you can buy a type of lingerie that you know he likes, let him open it and tell him that you are going to wear this for him as in Vegas, when and how often he wants.

    Good luck, if he is a nice guy he will understand how expensive the trip is and be content with that as a present, if you explain that to him.

    Ultimately, get him something he wants or likes, most guys will pretend they like it to make you happy but really won't do anything with it if they don't like it. Don't try and surprise with something you might think he likes, it will back fire. Surprise him with something you know he will like.

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    taking your friend to Vegas is more than enough. if they don't appreciate it that's their fault. plus, now that they know they will give you a great xmas present! don't worry about it....

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    heres wat u do if u r driving say u r going to see a long distance cuzin and say she is in Navada, but not in vegas, say, "since you found out that we 'were' going to vegas i thought wats the point in going if it isn't a surprise.'' see wat he says and how he reacts then take the same way to vegas, but drive through it and go to a ugly motel. if you are flyin gthen take a vegas flight, but say that is the nearest airport to were u are staying. them get a rental car and drive to the ugly motel and tell him to keep evrything in the suitcase and unpack tomorrow. then telll the people taht run the motel that u only need the room until 9p.m. then at 9:00p.m.put the lugage in the car without him knowing and tell him that u r going to see your cusin and then drive to the hotel and say this is were she wants us to have dinner. tell him while you are waiting to go and play some poker and bring the lugage inand have them take it up to the room and while he is palying say that your cuzin cancled and that u have to go back to the nasty motel. then as he is walking out the door say "were r u going?" then room is upstairs" and say hahaha i got you didn't i "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

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    you went to las vegas.child im a22year old woman. i've even left atlanta,georgia .

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