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hey.dis has to do with me and my do i get closer to her..makn progress..look below..need help

i has a gf...she likes me and i like her..and she is in a boarding hostel while im day but we are in the same sckool...we only see at recess and we aint in the same class...i only tell ha wats up and hug can u tell me wat else i can tell ha...topics of things to talk bout...plz help...wat are the things to do...wat can i do to get closer to her..i really like her...maybe its dat im a little shy...but apart from wats up wat shud i say

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    well sorry but learn to spell, and what grade are you in, elementary, sounds like, and in that case be friends, not bf/gf

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    do not try to understand her. It is the best way !

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