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Why aren't my cartoons updating on the My Yahoo page?

I have cartoons setup on my primary My Yahoo! page: Foxtrot and In the Bleachers. However, the cartoons are a week old, but when I look at the cartoons when I click the link, they are correct. I use Firefox 2 and Explorer 7, but both have the same problem. It's a server problem. How can I get someone to fix the problem?

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    I don't have an answer but wanted to add I have the same problem. I do Garfield & Ziggy and taday my Garfield updated but Ziggy hasn't

  • 4 years ago

    that occurs to me too. consistent with hazard our information superhighway is abit slow. or perchance out computers is laid low with something, and that i shudder to think of roughly one factor... VIRUS yet desire it no longer... I have not any concept, consistent with hazard others will help...?

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