Does he like me or does he hate me?

I am in a martial art class. I am still a beginner as there a few other beginngers as well. There is a guy (with a black belt) who will NOT train with me; he tries to avoid me. I never see him looking at me, he just looks at me like I am part of the wallpaper. Anyway, I thought maybe he didn't want to train with me because I am a beginner: wrong, he'll train with people who are more beginners than me. Maybe because I am a girl? Wrong, he'll train with the others. There was one time he and I were the oddball out, so he had no other choice but to train with me. When another black belt was walking towards us, he turned to him as if "oh boy, you can train with me so I can leave her" but the other black bet just walked off the mat to get water. He turned to me looking disappointed. Come to think of it, if he looks my way, he'll look more downward like he is looking where my knees are (but he could just be staring into la-la land). I never gave a reason for him to like or hate me.

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    1 decade ago
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    well, forget him. it's annoying you, i know. but we don't know what's the problem with him. we never met him anything. you better avoid him and let's see what happens. if you didn't do anything for him to hate you, then let go. cheer up. don't think about him too much.

  • 1 decade ago

    I see no reason for him to hate you. My guess is that he likes you, but I do not know.

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