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car rental in greece?

I am planning to rent a car in greece and wonder where the best place is to do say considering price. I guess athens would be the best. Also list some car rental companies if you have rented from them before in greece. Thanx

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    it depends on the city, bigger cities have better offers

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    Q. What are the requirements to rent a car in Greece?

    A. In order to rent a car in Greece form the Greek car rental company you should 21 years old and have your license for at least one year.

    Q. Do I require an international license to rent a car in Greece?

    A. Yes you must have a valid international license to rent a car in Greece form an Athens car rental company. Also if you are planning a long vacation and plan to stay in Greece for over 6 months you will need a Greek driver’s license to drive a car in Greece. Be careful even if the Greek car rental company that will rent you a car in Greece tells you otherwise, if you have an accident and your driver license is not valid they may not pay you. So it is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid license.

    Q. When I rent a car in Greece will seat belts be mandatory when I drive the car and do I need child seats.

    A. Yes this is correct. After you rent a car in Greece form the Greek car rental company seat belts and child seats are mandatory.

    Q. If I decide to rent a car in Greece are there any special road rules I should pay attention too.

    A. If you rent a car in Greece form a Greek car rental company pay attention to the speed limits. In the city the speed limit is usually 30 km ph to 50 km ph. Traffic is the right lane and if there is a major road with 3 lanes the middle one is used for passing. Also pay special attention to parking. If you are parked illegal the police may remove your license plate and keep it for 15 days and you will also have to pay a fine.

    Q. What must I know about car insurance when I rent a car in Greece.

    A. All insurance contracts may vary. If you rent a car in Greece pay attention to your insurance policy which the Greece car rental company will supply you with. Look at the deductible amount which you will have to pay in case of an accident or damage, and look for third party liability. Keep in mind the driving age as well as the validity of your driver’s license. Also keep in mind if your rent a car in Greece and decide to travel on ferry boat the insurance company will not cover you for any damages or accidents not taking into account if it’s your fault or not.

    Q. After I rent a car in Greece from a Greek car rental company can I travel with the car outside of Greece?

    A. Yes if you rent a car in Greece, you can travel abroad after you make arrangements with the Greek car rental company. However be ware in most case the regular insurance will not cove you. Also don’t forget in ferry boats the cars are not insured for accidents or damage.

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    sidestep utilising at any value. Get taxis. Greeks do no longer stress. they objective! they're constantly attempting to locate the thank you to pass you regardless of the situation. Greece has the utmost hiway demise fee than the different ecu u . s . and between the utmost interior the international. I do stress there interior the summers basically while i could. yet I carry a stack of Bibles, 3 Qu'rans and 6 statues of St. Christopher. additionally examine the e book "Greek utilising and different oxymora and paradoxes" Having mentioned all that, the fees in Santorini are life like and you will possibly be able to good deal too. And in Sept/Oct the site visitors should not be so undesirable. the vehicle does provide you an independence of flow and you waste little time waiting for the widespread public transport.

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    You can find many such companies in Athens, at the airport or in the centre, at the beginning of Syngrou avenue, anyone can tell you how to get there.

    But there are many offices renting cars wherever you go, cities and islands mainly though, not mainland villages. Prices are similar everywhere I guess.

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    I have been satisfied with Sixt Rent-A-Car, but it was for a period of 40 days mid-April-end May; the price was extremely low and the car in perfect condition!

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    Jay, I think ( part of easyjet ) provide lowcost rentals in Greece!

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