why are poets and artists more likely to smoke than other people?

I've noticed that with a high majority of artistic people and deep thinkers- they all tend to smoke. It's weird. Why is that?

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    I am a musician, poet, artist, philosopher type. I do not smoke or drink. It may be correct that because their thinking outcast them they need means of coping with reality. I try to base my thoughts off rational not emotion. But, I do use emotions as interpretations of a vague moment. It's more easier to describe something through primal emotions and urges than technical aspects.

    Sometimes rational thinking can inspire strong emotions. When you truly understand something you have a true concern attachment for it more so than others. Thoughts can inspire feelings and vice versa. Honestly a lot of people smoke idiots to geniuses, rich to poor. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. From my knowledge I'd say it's 50 - 50.

    Even though death is enevitible, I don't know the meaning and purpose of everthing does not mean I have a complete disreguard for my body as cheesy as it sounds.

    F*cked up people have a different perspective they have to think more to be appreciated in this world. People who are contempt with life do not need to think and rarely question anything they have nothing to strive for.

    I'd say that whenever you try to lump individuals into a group of people together and there becomes sterotypes some will follow it and some will reject it. In any case majority does not rule because the majority does not always make the smartest of desicions. It's not into the quantity but, the quality.

    You may also say that a high level of people in poverty smoke because happiness is so rarely acheieved there. It all goes hand and hand any group of people that is denied and rejected will try to find a means to be "happy" or temparay bliss.

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    I am an artist, but I do not smoke. Most of the artists and poets I hang out with smoke, and I believe they do it because they think it is part of an image they are trying to project, that they are the cool hipster bohemian types. It's not that they have emotional issues, it's because they think it looks cool to have a cigarette dangling from their lips.

  • Pico
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    A lot of them are very emotional people. I've found that many also develop drug and alcohol problems. It's just another way people deal with strong emotions. Many of these people struggle with depression too. I believe all of those things are linked.

  • Jadis
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    As soon as the 4 hours have elapsed for this question give Pico the points....she deserves them. That is a stellar answer!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe becuase when they "have to stop for a ciggerette" they don't hink about anything else and stuff just comes to them naturally?

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