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How do I find an honest, loving, caring and faithful girlfriend?

I need to find one because I am told that opposites attract.

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    It's one of those things that you must build on. You must be a Loving, Caring person your self. Honesty and faithfulness, comes with time.

    So, find a nice girl to whom you believe you could care for, in a period of time you will know whether or not you love her. Honesty and faithfulness will develop, as long as you are doing your part too.

    Good relationships are created.

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    in order to find an honest, loving, caring, & faithful girlfreind you will need to develop and possess these qualities your self. it is a euphuism that ; " opposites attract" attraction is merely a chemical reaction it is not of substance and can not be the glue that will hold you in a blissful union . if you're not in need of a better half to your heart then you are full enough not to need or seek a devine goddess. In that case keep doing what your are doing and its a garantee you life will stay the same .growth is the indication of life my friend.

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    You can find someone honest, loving, caring, and faithful and you can also be like that if you would just humble yourself to Jesus. He is the only one I know that has all those good qualities but if we are saved and living acccording to his word (the bible). He gives us the wherewithal or the power to be just like him. If we are Christians we belong to Christ, so we follow his examples. He is the one you're looking for. He is not hard to find. Just pray and ask him to forgive you of any sins you may have committed and ask him to save you. He loves you and he wants you to be happy. He will give you what you need. We as humans try to pick and choose. We do not know what we need, we go after what we want. God will help you if you let him.

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    Look for people who may not be the fittest girl becuase often they will be honest, loving, caring, and a faithful girlfriend as they will probably love you for who you are.

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    He, He, He....I guess that is true =) Hey, I thought you had one...Praying you find an awesome Christian woman who will most definitely be honest, loving, caring and faithful...Prayers =)

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    you need to find someone who is real, not people who play games...

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