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why did honda stop making the insight?

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    The Insight was made when Honda had no other hybrid cars for sale and its a seven-year old design, so it is either time to design a new one or discontinue it. Most cars have a life cycle of no more than 3-4 years between redesigns or refreshes.

    Now Honda has a Civic and an Accord Hybrid for buyers to choose from (and more models on the way) that offer much more interior room and better performance, so Honda discontinued it the Insight - it was always a slow seller.

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    Sales. Pure and simple. Plus they have taken the strategy to offer Hybrids in there mass production models (ie. Civic, Accord, soon to be CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey).

    Source(s): Worked for Honda of America for 7 years.
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    because the prius was a much better (in terms of roominess, ergonomics, trunk space, looking more like a conventional car, etc. the last one is critical in getting a new type of car to be accepted by the public instead of just the early adopters. ) car that got only slightly worse economy

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    Because it was the ugliest car in the world. Not like the Prius is any better but at least it has a back seat.

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    because it didn't sell well enough. They replace it with the Civic Hybrid which is doing very well.

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    not enough demand

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    ugly ,ugly ,ugly

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