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What do you think?


Emma Grace

Alyssa Danielle (My son has my hsband's initials these would be mine)

Kaitlyn Breanne/Grace

Kayla Breanne/Grace

Makayla Breanne/Grace

Canaan Breanne


Josiah Robert (keeping with boy's intials same as hubby's)

Landon John (hubby's name is Jonathan)

We also like the names Isiah, Andrew, and Bradley.

Our last name starts with an S if that helps.


RYAN'S MA---My dog's name is AJ. I don't think that will work. Thank you though.

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    I pretty much like all of your names, except Canaan. I think I might shy away from Grace, only because you'd have the "s" sound too close together since your last name starts with an S. I like Alyssa Danielle, and any of the other girl names with Breanne. I love the name Landon for a boy, and even though it's your husband's name, I'm not fond of John. I'd go with Jon if anything, for your son, since Jonathan is your hubby's name, and Jon is closer than John. I like that spelling better! I also like the name Josiah. I think it's cool that your kids have (or would have) the same initials as you and your husband. It's like they're similar, but not quite! Cool. I'd say pretty much anything you choose, judging by this list, is going to be a good name!

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    I'm partial to Emma Grace those are family names for us! I also like Makayla Breanne and Alyssa Danielle.

    As for the boy name I like the name Isaiah Robert and Bradley John

  • Anonymous
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    Girl- Emma Grace or Kaitlyn Breanne

    Boy- John Landon or Bradly Josiah

    Congrats and Good Luck!

  • Blondi
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    I love Emma Grace and I think Kaitlyn Breanne, or Grace goes well together.

    I like Josiah Robert

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    Alyssa Danielle is a beautiful combination

    I like Andrew Robert for a boy or even Isiah Andrew

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    I like Alyssa Breanne for a girl and Landon Josiah for a boy.

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    Girl: Emma Grace or Alyssa Danielle.

    Boy: I like Josiah Robert because of the initial thing. I also like the names Isaiah or Andrew

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    For a girl: I like the Alyssa Danielle one....when I said that name outloud I automatically imagined a pretty, nice, caring person...don't ask me why, hehe. For a boy: I like Landon John a lot - good names!

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    I like Alyssa Danielle, that is pretty. I think it is neat sticking with names that give your kids the same intials as you & hubby. My initials are AD, you could name her after me (just joking) Amber Dawn. I also like Kayla Danielle, that is my lil sisters name. Josiah Robert is nice too. Good luck & congrats.

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    Awwwww! Emma Grace! That is adorable.

    Landon is a great unique boy's name. John is ok for the middle name, but I like Landon Bradley better.

    It up to you though! :)

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