a company owes me money, I have their credit card details - can I charge against it and let them come after me

It's a long story - I am based in the US and worked for a UK company, I completed Personell forms and start date forms, conducted business and sold services for them. As it was within two months of starting there was no written contract and they are now claiming that they never employed me and don't owe me my wages (approx 2500 GBP)

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    Go ahead if you want to be charged with fraud. Of course, you never had a contract with them therefore it's your word against theirs. If it's a big company, you'll lose big time anyway. Suck it up to experience, and next time before you start work for a company you'll know enough to do nothing until you get a signed contract first.

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    No. You will be guilty of a crime whether or not you have a valid reason for it. Do not put that on your record, or you will never be trusted to work for anybody again.

    Consult an employment lawyer. Retain all documentation of the work and hours you invested, any sales you made. Do you have any record of a meeting and/or verbal agreement that you would be paid for your work? In Texas, verbal agreements can have standing as contracts or representation of terms but other state laws are different.

    Do not do anything illegal as you will make yourself look fraudulent. If you are going to charge them with fraud or misrepresentation, you need to be absolutely without fault.

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    I agree, be careful. Not only is that fraud but if you charge someone's ccard it is a crime but the ccard company also has the right to just chargeback the charge. they will take it out of the account they paid it in and if they screw your account that is too bad for you. they consider that payment to be void and they will take it from you. Take the company to court, they should settle...hopefully

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    yes, I would charge against them, and if it goes to court and you can prove you worked for them, I'm sure the Judge will listen to your side.

    If they claim you never worked for them, how could you get their credit card details

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    No, you can not legally do this..

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