How do I make mp3s from my computer into ringtones for the Verizon LG VX8600?

I just bought the LG VX8600 and was pretty much disgusted by the loaded ringtones and the prices/selection for the ones online. I also bought a 2gb memory card and the music essentials pack. I've been looking around for sites that allow you to turn mp3s into ringtones, but it looks like all of these only have instructions for phones that allow you to select a file as a ringtone; I've heard that Verizon has locked this. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to turn mp3s on my computer into ringtones? More specifically, how do I choose this new file as a ringtone on my phone? Thanks.


looks like that site doesn't work that well, at least according to all the people on the forum. looks like it may work but how would i get the ringtone file into my ringtone gallery? also, i need to be able to convert my own mp3s into ringtones...i don't want any crappy rap ones, and that's all the pay websites have. if you can find a site that has a first blood or unearth ringtone, let me know. otherwise, can someone help me figure out the steps on how to make an mp3 into my actual ringtone?

Update 2:

i finally figured out how to do it. i used mp3split to cut out a ~20sec section of an mp3, then saved this section to my computer (i've read that 30secs or so is the max for it to still retain quality, or below 350kb. i haven't tried using a larger file yet). then i went to and clicked upload ringtone on the left menu. it sent me a message about 2 minutes later; i opened the message and clicked save as ringtone under options. works and sounds great! just for anyone wondering how to do it

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    Hi, don't loose your time with sites that seem to be free but they always charge for something.

    For 100% real free ringtones (it works great for Verizon), you can go to:

    I've been using this site for long time (at least 2 years) and it is really FREE. You can upload your music files or pictures and later you can send it to your phone. They convert music files in ringtones. It is a cool site. Also, you can search for an specific song that another person already upload to the site.

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    i exploit Sony Soundforge to edit mp3 information. you are able to decrease the area of the music that u choose and then positioned it aside as all styles of sound information (wav to ogg). U could also replace the bitrate of the soundfile. The default bitrate is 128 yet you are able to drop it all the way down to save up memory on ur cellular. Cos maximum telephone audio equipment are not sturdy sufficient to play a 128 bit sound record besides.

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