christians vs muslims faith battle?

christians : why are muslims wrong about their faith without quoting the bible? and muslims the same thing why are christians wrong without quoting the koraan?

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    And may the bashings begin.

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    Because all prophets of God need to be 100 percent accurate. The last prophet was John the Baptist and Jesus specifically said there would be no more prophets after John because the prophesy regarding the Messiah was fulfilled in the person of Jesus, therefore Muhammad could not be a prophet of God.

    The Biblical quotes in the Qu'ran are mostly from the Gnostic Gospels - written around the same time Muhammad walked the Earth. They are widely acknolwledged as being fraudulent gospels.

    The message between Muhammad and Jesus could not be different. Jesus offers a free gift of salvation - Islam requires a good life, prayer, fasting as a way to obtain salvation.

    Christians believe Jesus is The Son of God, fully God, fully human. Muslims believe he is only a prophet. Since He said He was the Son of God (the Muslims do not believe this), either He was a liar, insane or Who He said He was. If He was a liar or insane, He could not be a prophet.

    There's more, but my fingers are tired from typing.

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    I question your assumption that Hinduism is extra primitive than the Abrahamic faiths. in case you hint them returned to their roots, the completed "love" and "mercy" gig got here fairly overdue to the occasion, and is many times reserved for the opt for few. And Hinduism has been only as violent in its time because of the fact the Abrahamic faiths. Heck, even Buddhism has bred enthusiasts each so often, and that's the main sensible faith i will think of of, no longer that that's asserting plenty. i think of the concentration interior the Abrahamic faiths tend to be extra on the "justice" section, with love and mercy coming in a techniques at the back of it. And definite, their perception of their own superiority breeds intolerance. in certainty, any faith that declares itself the "one real" faith is particular to reproduce intolerance, no be counted if that's component of its dogma or no longer.

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    I wont say they are wrong, they just dont believe what I do. And what seperates it for me, is the belief Jesus was merely a man, and Mohammed finished his uncompleted work. If I cant quote the Bible, wich is the source of my belief it is impossible for me to defend my thought.

    All boils down to personal faith.

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    Muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and they do not look to him for their salvation. That's why every other faith is wrong, not just muslim.

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    I believe someone recently posted a question "Inconsistencies in the Bible? You want ALL of them? FINE! HERE!!?" followed by a super long list.

    edit: Ah, found it

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    OK, a challenge. We're taking the advice of a hippie who loved the poor, taught nonviolence and universal love. He could have started an armed revolution, but didn't.

    Muslims take the advice of a bandit leader who slaughtered innocent men women and children, took their stuff and set himself up as a god-king.

    How's that?

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    Yeah and why not add Budism and a few others - let's face it religion is mostly nonsense, fairytales for the simple minded.

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    Why would you start a war like this????

    Everyone has the right to believe what they want and I think everybody appreciates free will.

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    can't resist cause it says it all

    The Holy Quran : Chapter: 3 (Al-`Imran), Verse:4


    [3:4] He has sent down to thee the Book containing the truth and fulfilling that which precedes it; and He has sent down the Torah and the Gospel before this, as a guidance to the people; and He has sent down the Discrimination.

    This is a verse from the Quran but most don't know it exists

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