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i want to increase my height. plz help?

there's any pills available to become more taller ?

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    you should eat more vegetable and drink more milk! but it's probably too late now if you're over 25.

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    A person's height is determined by how our genes interact with the

    environment. If you live in a healthy way, you will achieve your

    greatest potential height. The most important things you can do are to

    get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, and

    avoid alcohol and drugs.

    Your body will continue to get taller until the growth plates on your

    bones close. People stop growing at different ages. You might stop

    growing in your mid teens. Or you might continue growing into your

    twenties. How tall you get is mainly determined by how long your long

    bones are.

    If you believe you are not as tall as you should be, you might have

    have an absence of a growth hormone. Your doctor can run tests to find

    out if you lack this hormone. It's quite possible! I've found that

    some symptoms of this loss of growth hormone include arthritis and a

    severe changing of your facial features.

    An article written by Oregon State University researchers states, "For

    persons with a documented absence of growth hormone, administration of

    this hormone can help them to acheive 'normal' stature, but this is

    indicated only for persons clearly way below normal growth curves and

    a documented (by lab tests) deficiency. Growth hormone given after

    bones have stopped growing (for example at 22) would be more likely to

    induce acromegaly. This is a disease seen in persons that secrete too

    much growth hormone. The symptoms are significant corsening of facial

    features, hyperplasia of joints and severe arthritis."

    please click the link bellow and read carefully:


    If you want to show yourself taller then you can wear highhill footwears.

    Wear the vertically lined dresses and short sleeved top.

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    You can't. Plain and simple. ALWAYS stay away from ANY pills that promise to do something.

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    It's all genetic. Sorry. You could try elevator shoes.

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