Generic Medicine?

In pharmacology, all drugs have two names, one called the trade name, one called the generic. for example Tylenol = acetaminophen, Aleve = naproxen.

Recently the FDA announced that they were looking for a generic name for Viagra. The names they were considering include: Mycoxafloppin, Mycoxafailin, Mycoxadrupin Ibepokin, Dixadrill, and Dixarisin.

Additionally, Pfizer Corp. announced that they will begin manufacture of a liquid Viagra, marketed by Pepsi Co as an energy drink. The press release claims it will work well as a mixer, which will completely change the meaning of "Pour me a stiff one", "Cocktail", and "Highball". The new beverage will be released under the name of "Mount and Do".

Thought of the day: We spend more money on implants and Viagra than Alzheimer's research. Which means by 2050, there will be a large elderly population with artificially perky breasts, chemically enhanced erections, and NO IDEA what to do with them!

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    all this talk about penis....

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    a million] customary drugs are those and not using a patent production. Analogy: customary - tissue kind call - Kleenex 2] customary meds are more low priced than kind call drugs, regularly. in case you do loose insurance, think ofyou've got to pay out of pocket. 3] certain, you nonetheless choose a prescription 4] certain, Zoloft is illegitimate to purchase and not using a prescription

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    Um, sorry. Cute, but don't give up your day job.

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