question for lawyer or probation officer?

my husband got a great job out of state. he's on probation and he dropped a dirty UA recently. his PO said she would not grant him a travel pass to go to his job, but he could move to the state. Well, he got denied to move from the state we would move to. Is there anything we can do so he can go. We really need this for our family.


he's not a bad person, he just messed up. He took this job, so that he could get away from all the problems. only HELPFUL responces plese

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    If the receiving state has denied acceptance of your husband, you are out of luck.

    His best bet would be to enter rehab and get clean, and then try for a transfer in a year.

    Source(s): I'm a probation officer in Indiana.
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    Man that sucks. I am so sorry for you! (Sincerely).

    I am sure that there is some sort of democratic government program to help you continue your inaccountable and irresponsible behavior. Wake up man! Its a tough world and you have people that need you to make good decisions. Substance abuse is weak. Quit it cold turkey. All this is your own fault and you are the one to overcome it. Regroup. Make a plan. Follow the rules. Work. Study. Stay off the cop shows. Succeed.

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    Check to see if there is an appeals process from a decision of the parole officer. Most likely, the decision is discretionary on the parole officer's part which means there is nothing your husband can do. The problem is that he dropped a dirty UA which is your husband's fault.

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    No. He's being punished for his crimes, in hopes that he will sort himself out. Since he's still using, that doesn't look likely.

    If you plan to stay with him, you'll get punished along with him - that's just the way the system works.

    You might consider leaving him, and making it on your own, without the restrictions and baggage he brings to the relationship.

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    sure, i comprehend some attorneys that suffered DUI convictions previously going to regulation college. It became no longer a situation yet they did might want to satisfy with a member of the bar admissions committee to discuss it.

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    Clean up his act and be a man.

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