I only speak english but I'm trying to buy a DVD for my hubby for christmas that is only sold in sweeden.?

My dh wants the musical CHESS on dvd..but says it doesn't exist. He owns the sound track and loves it. I found out that it does on dvd..but only in sweedish..He'll get a kick out of it. It's called CHESS på Cirkus. But I can't find a web site in English so i can buy it... HELP!!!!

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    You can try looking for it on amazon.com, E-Bay or half.com.

    However, you should note some DVDs can only be played in certain regions (i.e. Europe or Canada/USA or Asia). So you might be able to get a DVD of Chess but your DVD player might not be able to play it unless it is an all region DVD player.

    Source(s): personal experience w/ DVDs from UK & China
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