has anyone read harry potter and the half blood prince?

if so what do you think the next book will be about? does harry win? what new/old characters do you think they will bring back?

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    Sure did. Well, we know that the next book will bring the climax of the Harry-Voldemort conflict. It will also prove the ultimate loyalties of Professor Snape (and Draco Malfoy???) Dumbledore's death is real and not a hoax (actually, in several interviews, JKR made it clear that D is dead); I think it's part of Dumbledore's overall plan: Snape is a double agent and fools Vold into trusting him once and for all by killing D. That way, he's the perfect spy. Someone overheard Dumbledore and Snape 'arguing' by the forest, and S supposedly wanted 'out' of something but D convinced him to stick 'to the plan' and go through with it. I think that's why D stupefied Harry (so H wouldn't interfere- D knew that H would do all he could to stop it). An interesting thought from book 1: remember D told H, "To one as young as you, I'm sure it seems incredible, but to Nicolas and Perenelle, [death] really is like going to bed after a very, very long day. After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." Rowling has been doing a lot of foreshadowing in books 5 & 6 about how old D is looking and making a point of H noticing how old D is. So, I think that it's all part of the master plan (D's death). D is sure Snape hasn't betrayed them, I think, because either they made the unbreakable vow (in which case S would die if he broke it) or something similar. Obviously, there would have to have been a witness to that, but there could be- and S could still, secretly, be in touch with that person. Also, the fact that D finally let S take the 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' position (it's cursed and no one ever lasts more than a year) is another indication that D was paving the way for S to leave the school and be more completely trusted by Vold. Snape, I think, will die in the last book.

    Since this is a series about good vs evil, overall, Yes, I do think Harry 'wins'- whether he survives or not... I hope so!

    I think we'll see Sirius Black's (also dead) brother play a role- I think he's the one who found the locket horcrux. I like one theory that an old locket at 12 Grimmaud Place (which Kreecher possibly latched onto) is this locket... It's also interesting to ponder what role Narcissa Malfoy will yet play- she came across as loving her son (early in book 6). The ability to love has been a major point and defensive 'weapon' in all the books, although D says that Vold has never understood nor respected it. Kreecher will also almost certainly be in book 7, as will Belatrix LeStrange. Also, I'm quite sure Peter Pettigrew will play a major role yet- this from book 3: [Dumbledore speaking] “Pettigrew owes his life to you [Harry]. You have sent Voldemort a deputy who is in your debt... When one wizard saves another wizard's life, it creates a certain bond between them... and I'm much mistaken if Voldemort wants his servant in the debt of Harry Potter.” ...“This is magic at its deepest, its most impenetrable, Harry. But trust me... the time may come when you will be very glad you saved Pettigrew's life.” (H saved P's life in the Shrieking Shack).

    Source(s): The JKR books http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HarryPotter (and numerous links from there over a period of months)
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    Good question... I hate to admit that I have been waiting with bated breath to know the outcome of a children's book series... being an adult and all.. but it is true.

    I am terribly cuirous myself. I think that the Dumbledore thing is a ruse... Or at least I HOPE IT IS! I think that perhaps old Dumblydore had a plan all along and that he will return in some fashion... There are so many questions to answer in the last book I hope it is a million pages LOL!

    As far as the actual plot.. who knows... I am sure it will be about the kiddies getting into all sorts of trouble but what form that trouble will take, aside from the obvious thwarting Voldemort once and for all, only JK can say.

    I do want to say that she has created an amazing and engaging series worth reading.. and perhaps one of the best book series I have ever read (for ANY AGE GROUP).

    Of course, it is rife with social comentary and critque that goes right over most readers heads (regardless of age) and while that sort of double edged writing is not uncommon what is uncommon is how WELL she does it without being too preachy and obvious...

    Good-on-ya JK!

    *can't WAIT for the next book*


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    Yeah for us adults who have read Harry Potter!

    I believe the next book will be about Harry's acceptance of his gift of love. Remember he's a little skeptical, love?

    Does Harry win? That depends upon Harry himself.

    I believe had Dumbledore not died Harry will never find out the power of his gift of love.

    I am also thinking along the lines of Neville, there is something about him, but of course I don't really know.

    I believe Dumbledore will come back in the photos that lined his wall. Remember those photos can talk.

    My deep down feeling is if love has the power of a triple atomic bomb, Harry will win. Remember Voldelmort does not believe in love.

    The key factor is love.

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    of course harry will win! most likely than not it will be bittersweet, like he will die or something. whatever she decides to do, we'll still read it.

    as for snape, i'm on the fence. is he a double agent? is he a triple agent? or is he a quadruple agent? either way he bugs and i don't like him. sure he had a hard past, but he has treated harry Quite unfairly and it's obvious he's jealous. it is quite possible, i must admit, that it was Dumbledore's idea for him to kill him... and Snape didn't want to do it, yadayadayada. he is definitely a conflicted character.. we may in fact learn to love him in the last book, who knows. he may have had to Make harry hate him in order to prove to Voldemort his allegiance.

    i have a theory that Dumbledore is connected to the Phoenix in a more important way.... we all know Phoenixes come back from the dead. so as there is an ultimately EVIL ability to stay alive (Horcruxes), i think there may be an oppositely GOOD spell that will tie D's spirit to "anybody who stays loyal to dumbledore, he will never truly leave the school". like an anti-horcrux for good wizards to somehow have some power on living world.

    i actually think harry and hermione (in the movie) have more chemistry, but i guess they are destined to be apart. oh well.. something will happen with ginny.. she may carry on his legacy and marry him, even tho he may die. peter pettigrew is SOOOO going to be a major player in book 7. she has to cram all this junk into book 7 because she introduced the horcrux so late into the series.... she could've had material for a whole slew of books regarding just the horcruxes themselves and how voldemort did things and when he did them..but oh well. something important will happen at godric's hollow....

    well i cant' wait for the book, my favorite is #3 and #1. other than that, the series is fine. i think the movies are Worse (i HATED movie #4 goblet of fire).....

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    of course Harry will win its Harry Potter. I'm sure all that were in the last book will be in the new book besides the one that died. They seem to be the same ppl that have been in every book.

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    I think Harry will win (they are kids books after all...). I think somehow Dumbledore will be back-if not alive, he'll be around in some other form. I don't think Snape is working with Voldemort-Dumbledore is too smart for that and I think if he trusted him, then he must be OK (so maybe Dumbledore isn't actually dead? Snape is the potions master after all...). Rowling seems to have an ongoing theme of killing off major characters so someone will have to die. I'm guessing it'll be the bad guys and good will triumph over evil (again, they are intended to be kids books and I can't see the good guys losing in a children's story).

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    OMG I luv that book!

    Harry will win((of course!))

    The next book should probably be about Harry defeating Lord Voldamort((ive heard rumors that harry dies.))

    The charactors should probably be the same xcept for Dumbledore! Hope i didnt give too much away!LOL!

    The next book should probably be out next year around fall or winter((christmas purposes)) and that i cannot wait for!

    I hoped I helped!

    Source(s): I read the whole series!
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    Yes, I read it. It was a great book (the end is upsetting, but I wont give away any details here)

    Im looking forward to the final book, but I have a sinking suspicion that both Harry and Voldemort will destroy each other

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    I think that Harry will die at the end of the series, because J.K. Rowling said she's not writing any more books after the 7th. And I think that Viktor Krum will be back for book 7.

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