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who is the richest football player in the english premiership?

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    Stevie G as he's a family man earning loads of money and not wasting it in clubs and women like the others are.

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    Robbie Savage or Robbie Fowler. They're both worth a lot more than most players.

    Both of them have made huge investments in the housing market and made a lot of money to add to their already huge wages.

    Put it this way, footballers don't have as much money as their wages suggest as they spend a lot of it.

    Together, the Beckhams are worth £75 million. That includes both the earnings from David's football and Victoria's "music career". Beckham makes about £5m/year from wages alone, then gets money from advertising, appearences. He was estimated to make about £4,700 per day last year (£17m/year). So they must spend a lot of money. Investing your money in the housing market means you can't spend it later!

    If you're talking about the highest paid though, it's Ballack for Chelsea. £120k/week I believe.

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    not sure who it is this year to be honest i supose there would be a good few players in or around the same but up until this year the richest player was dennis bergkamp in fact he was in the top three in europe but he retired and now i dont know who it is

  • John Terry.

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    i would have to say that perhaps thierry henry and not cause im an arsenal fan but he seems more likely to be one of the richest, also wayne rooney could be one john terry another

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