transportation between universal studios and all star disney hotel?

I am from Agentina and I'm planning to visit universal studios and disney parks in Orlando(but without a car). As I will be staying in an hotel that is inside the Disney park, I wonder if anybody knows if there is any transfer between both places.Thanks in advance.

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    since you are staying at a WDW hotel you will have to pay for a cab to get to the universal studio's. this will run you about $30. to get a cab out of the universal studio's at the end of the day i reccomend heading on over to the Hard Rock Hotel. it will be much faster. at the studio's be sure to check out the Men in Black Alien Attack ride as well as the Back to the Future ride. If you are going to Islands of Adventure be sure to check out The Amazing Spiderman ride as well as The Hulk and Dueling Dragons rollercoasters for the thrill seaker.

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    IMO - for the reason which you're staying at between the Disney inns, i'd spend extra time on the Disney parks. a number of my widespread rides are at Hollywood Studios (Tower of Terror, Toy tale and Rock and curler coaster) and your itinerary does not even comprise it. yet another factor to contemplate is extra effective magic hours. On specific days, various the parks open until eventually now and stay open later and purely human beings staying at between the Disney inns (like a number of megastar music) can get in for the period of those circumstances. as quickly as we've been there in March, we went to bigger magic hours on the Magic Kingdom from ineffective night to 3am. It made for an prolonged day, however the region exchange into empty and there exchange into very nearly no watch for the rides. Dont forget to exploit the fast passes.

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    Because you are traveling outside of Walt Disney World you will need to pay for transportation. There are vans, buses, and taxis available. Someone in the lobby of the hotel should be able to hook you up. Don't forget to check out the Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure. Props to Dudely Do-Right's Rip Saw Falls!

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    I'm not sure if there's a shuttle, but I know the taxi only costs around $20-$30 US.

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    There is a bus that will take you there. Don't worry. When you get there you will see. They make it really easy to get around to the parks all over Orlando. Relax and have fun.

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