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Wnat to buy a TV in USA for use in India - Advice?

Does somebody has any experience about buying a LCD or Plasma TV in USA for use in India?

Is there any particular TV brand/model which has been tested by somebody for this purpose and work best?

Please advice...

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    If it's an HDTV, it shouldn't make any difference. If it's a regular standard definition TV, the question you need to ask is whether the TV plays PAL format (we use NTSC here in the U.S.). That's the only difference you need to worry about.

    My advice, though, would be to just buy it in India. It will probably be expensive to buy a PAL formatted TV in this country (it's a specialty item).

    But since you want an HD set, there shouldn't be an issue.

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    Make sure it is 220 Volts and 60 hz.

    Here is US it is 110 Volt 50 hz. For not-HD make sure it is PAL or multysystem.

    Are you sure there is HD transmission in India yet. Regular transmission looks worst on HDTV (and if TV has PAL tuner built in).

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    My answer dont...LOL.

    Contact the manufacturer of the type of tv you want to buy and talk to their sales reps.

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