what age should parents let there kids start dating ?

A kid thinks that he or she is ready to date, but when shoild you say that it is ok ? How should you base you decision on grdes, behavior, attitude or maturity level? How do you tell if they are ready? Do I have "the Talk" with them?

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    "The Talk" begins the first time your child asks, "Where did I come from?" Based on age you give the appropriate response.

    Example: To a five year old you would say, "You came from Heaven, and to get you down here on Earth with us, God put you in my belly. Then Daddy and I went to the hospital when God told us it was time and a doctor took you out of my belly." In that scenario you did not lie, but it was the kind of truth a child could understand.

    Children should be allowed to date in groups at 12-13 years old. If its not a school night and there homework is done and they are making reasonable grades.

    One on One dating should begin at 15-16 years old. About the same time they would be getting a drivers license. Consider it a right of passage.

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    deffinately before they go out on any dates have "the talk". i think ages 14 to 16 for starting to date is a good age depending on the maturity. If grades start to slip after starting to date.. take a couple of minutes from the curfew and if that doesnt work then take the dating thing away until he or she can handle both.

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    There maturity plays a major part in how old someone should date, I'm 14 and I'm pretty mature and I've dated and it its worked out fine for me...but i know other 14 year olds who shouldn't date...so maturity plays a major role...

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    my parents did not let me start dating until i was 16 and i think that was the best for me. when i was younger i did not believe so but looking back highschool relationships are so childish and drama filled that i am glad i did not have to deal with it. it helped me focus on school and cheerleading more than worrying about a boy. the majority of guys that i liked in highschool i do not even talk to anymore or remember. i also think that you are too immature to even have an actual relationship in highschool. i think it is better to start dating later.

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    base your desition on honesty and how well they do at home

    it is not always up to the adult in the situation what the child does

    they dont know what goes on at school and a date can be held at school during lunch or sonething

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    ummm...well it would be different for me cuz my mom doesnt really care but i refer to date a gurl rather than a guy...its always been that way but with the parents who have daughters that are interested in guys i think you should make them wait till altleast until they are17

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    LoL when they have a license... I know i didnt ever want my mom or dad driving me and my girlfreind around LoL

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    definetly on maturity and how much u trust that they will know how to "procede" in their relationship in the right ways

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