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How can we win America back from the Godless libs?

The libs want to destroy America. How can we stop them?

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    I'm a lib and I'm not Godless. I pray privately and go to church on Sunday. If the founding fathers had wanted God in our government they would have put it in the Constitution. Read it or at least do a word search. Were the founding fathers godless?

    It's the neocon Christianists who are destroying America and it's Constitution. We are stopping them by voting. Look at the results of the last election. America is turning its back on the divisive and inflammatory rhetoric of the lunatic right.

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    surely . . sure it became. And the bear in mind became spawned by the Unions contained in the first position . . no longer the electorate, in line with se. And the Governor gained handily and by a much wider margin than previously. there's a mild on the right of the tunnel. If we are fortunate adequate this November to get Romney in and take some extra seats . . .i'm hoping they settle on to artwork flat out to fix this usa truly of coast alongside . . The Republicans might want to face to earnings a lesson or 2 from the Democrats even as it includes getting corporation finished . . everyone talked about how briskly and furiously and underhandedly they have pushed their agendas by. i'm hoping the Tea Partiers have despatched a sparkling message to the Republicans that laying round, squandering opportunities and being "Me Too, yet a lot less" Democrats isn't tolerated.

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    Godless? You looked at our leader recently?....thats a good example of Godless. Also look at people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Great examples. Liberals don't want to destroy America...they want people and the environment to be treated respectfully...and they don't want to murder their own citizens, and drill for oil everywhere a drop can be found so that they can buy a new jet plane and eat caviar with their rich buddies while people starve and struggle and suffer.

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    What kind of drugs are you on?Why is caring about people and the environment likened to destroying the world?Democrats want to help people who can't afford the basic needs of life.We want to salvage what is left of our country's natural beauty.No one is trying to destroy the country.People like you just don't get it.We need to work as a team and not two devisive parties.As soon as you guys get a grip on this concept,we will do good things.

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    First of all you're way off base pal. Liberalism does not control this country, we are still a conservative country. The recent elections were overwhelmingly won by conservative democrats. Democrat does not mean necessarily liberal as well, Beachbum, Republican does not necessarily mean conservative.

    Beachbum you pretend to be open-minded and intelligent, while at the same moment painting Republicans with the broad brush you dispise when applied to Democrats, and you hate men, that is not open-minded or intelligent. Republicans are not being isolated by the majority of this country, the majority of this country are sheep and will follow where ever their media shepard leads. You won a small movement of change, away from the perception of Bush's inadequacy perpetuated by the media. If you don't believe that the media controls the masses then why does American Idol get more votes on a weekly basis than a general election? You give far to much creedence to the people, half of whom you hate. The masses don't care about your pocket agendas, they only care about their pockets.

    Finally, libs wanting to destroy America is not rhetoric. America is as defined a Capitalist/Democracy, a system of government not a piece of land. Liberalism at its extreme is communist/socialism and that is the antithesis of a Capitalist/Democracy. You yourself Beachbum are I think a socialist, which means you want to destroy this country. Its not rhetoric its fact.

    Source(s): Beachbum said: By opening your mind and stop believing rhetoric such as your question. That kind of untrue thinking is what is isolating the Republicans from the majority of the USA that wants us to get along and meet in the middle
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    I don't know who you represent, but if it is republicans, you can win back America by listening to us and taking heed what we want from our government. If you don't, you will lose the 08 elections too.

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    Because, of course, standing up for things like the Constitution is throwing this country into moral decay....

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    I don't think it will take too long for Americans to remember why we voted them out of office in the first place. We'll get the house and senate back.

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    By opening your mind and stop believing rhetoric such as your question. That kind of untrue thinking is what is isolating the Republicans from the majority of the USA that wants us to get along and meet in the middle.

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    What ever happened to the fabled separation of church and state I wonder?

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