Colon Cleanse a.k.a. Colon Hydro Therapy?

Has any one ever had a colon cleanse before, and if so did it help to releave bloating and annoying daily stomach pains? I feel that all the fiber products that's supposed help with regular bowel habits does not help me at all. I'm also tired of eating grapenuts every other day. I just need some one to tell me about how their expericence was when they got the colon cleanse.

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    Eating grapenuts everyother day doesn't sound appealing, unless you really like it. Your bloating and stomach pains are the real problem you need to work on. The plugged up colon is the by product of what is happening in your stomach. First get your stomach working well again. A digestive aid for your stomach is Hydrocloric acid (pills or capsule). Next get some enzymes for the intestines. Then get some acidophilus for digestion. Are you over eating or eating the same foods everyday? Get more variety in your diet. Are you brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth? A clean tongue will taste the food better. Your sense of taste is vital for good digestion. Without it you won't make the digestive juices that are needed for assimulating food.

    Last is the colon cleanse. If the colon is plugged up, nothing leaves the house. Its like sweeping the floor with the door closed. You can't get the dirt out.

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    Since nothing really stays in the colon that long anyway a cleanse is foolish. I mean really the colon is sort of self cleaning now isn't it? Meantime perhaps you are jumping on this fiber thing too hard. Cut back on so much fiber and add some more gradually and see if that helps. There are also other cereals to choose that are good fiber choices beside those awful grape nuts!!

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    It's the same stuff you take before a colonoscopy. It's a salty solution that you take orally with water. About 3 hours after you drink, you'll be on the toilet for the next 12 hours. Not something I would recommend taking unless you are having a medical procedure.

    P.S. You can't take it if you have high blood pressure.

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    foot reflexology is best for inernal cleansing

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