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Why do I get extra noise from my Amp?HELP PLZZZZ?

I use a line6 spider III 75 and an Ibanez RG...I get so much annoying noise from my amp...why is that and how can i fix the problem?


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    people may not realize but cars can give interference with electronics. If your practice room is close to the street you may want to change rooms. I think it has something to do with the newer ignitions, but I am a daughter of a mechanic, not a mechanic myself.

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    1) Replacing the input jack in your guitar is a cheap and effective way to improve buzz. Input jacks just kinda wear out, there's a metal strip in there that presses against the cord, and they lose tension over time, make less connectivity, and start to buzz a bit.

    2) If you are serious about having a nice guitar tone, you CANT SPEND TOO MUCH ON GUITAR CABLES! Nice, expensive guitar cables (Monster Cable for example) are shielded, and have much more wire in them, to produce better connectivity.

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    Check the gound.. Grounding the amp and the radio itself can actually make the sound coming from your speakers be totally different!!

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  • try using shielded cables, and try to ground your amp if you can

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    try grounding it.

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