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My wife and I have been divorcing for 6 months and just reconciled. Suggestions for a special Christmas gift?

We have been apart for 6 months and I want to make this a special Christmas. Divorce is dismissed and we are starting over together. No kids. Been married 3 years.

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    Congratulations!! Glad to see people saving their marriages these days!

    How about a second honeymoon? Doesn't have to be expensive. But maybe a cabin in the mountains or head south towards the beach. Somewhere romantic where it's just you and her.

    Good luck!

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    If the divorce proceedings didn't stretch the bank, go on an all-inclusive vacation somewhere to re kindle the romance. It usually costs about $1200 each (cnd) but if you aren't paying for a divorce, thats a good deal.

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    Depends on your finances. Take her on a romantic getaway. Doesn't have to be far. A cabin in the woods would work. Get there beforehand and spread rose's on the bed. Have a fire going. Make her a great dinner, maybe a little wine, soft music and remind her why she feel in love with you in the first place. Diamonds usually work in this scenario, too.

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    Invite the special people in your lives.

    Make reservatiions at your favorite restaurant.

    Then just celebrate the rest of your lives together.

    I am sure your wife knows she has already received the Best gift already by this reconciliation.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and your wife.

    What a refreshing story.

    Thank you

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    This is a critical part of your life. Take advantage of the blessing in front of you. Concentrate on the two of you. No work, or family, or any distractions. This is your time to shine. Recognize her, and make her the object of your affection and never let that go.

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    You need to do something that makes her feel really special. And it depends on what she likes. If she enjoys shopping, you could send her on a treasure hunt throughout the mall. (You buy her a present at one store, have it giftwrapped and have them keep it for her to pick up - with a note telling her which store to go to next). Or you could get her something she's been wanting, or you could give her a day - a day for anything she wants - buddle baths, massages, sensual pleasures, whatever. With whatever you decide, you need to show your appreciation for her. :) Good luck to you!

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    Scrapbook!Get a image album in which you additionally could make little notes.Take photos galore of him on Christmas day,Feeding him,in his Christmas outfit,with grandmas and grandpas.Take all varieties of photos and paste them to this e book/image album.Make little notes of the day.issues he did,strikes he made etc etc.whilst he gets older,he can look decrease back and analyze his first Christmas.The ornament,as quickly as you have used are able to hotglue it in additionally and be certain you write who have been given it for him.i understand you are able to like it for the tree,yet that technically exchange into his first Christmas ornament.which would be significant besides whilst secure in the e book.chuffed holidays! Congrats on addition!

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    Go to the jewlery store pick out a ring wedding or engagment ring,

    on Christmas morning have her open it have a note in it asking her to renew your vows to one another,but this time write them. Then you can tell her in your own words what she means to you or just put it in the note. I hope it work out for the two of you.

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    What about a nice weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast, the decorations this time of year are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!!

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    Yeah get yourself a brain, if you were separated you'll never make it, I Things will be thrown up to each other about why you separated, what they did while waiting for the divorce. I never seen people reunite and it works no kids , there is no way. SORRY

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