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Can one by a plane ticket for their dog so they can ride in the passenger area ?

Rather than be checked as baggage?

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    Each airline has different rules. The dog never can ride in a seat so if the airline accepts dogs in the cabin, they have to be small enough to fit in an FAA-approved carrier and the carrier has to go on the floor under the seat in front of you, so large dogs never go in the cabin at all. But some airlines don't even accept dogs as checked baggage any more, and some charge a fee for a dog in checked baggage, so check with the particular airline you will be flying to be sure.

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    If the dog can fit in one of those little dog carriers, you can carry it on but check with the airllines first. They will only allow 1 or 2 per flight. Can't bring a big dog on though, even if you think he will be good.

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    Most airlines don't do it anymore. Some airlines would let you travel with a pet if it's in the carrier - most don't though.

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    No their not noticed as a person but the airlines will charge you for your pets.

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