What do you get for a guy who's interests are cars especially Volkswagon's and Electronics? I'm on a budget.

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    Something silly with a VW bug or bus on it, such as boxer shorts. I saw cute ones at the mall last time I was there that had very sixties flower-power VW bugs all over it, quite cute, actually.

    For electronics or for car materials, there's always the convenience of the gift card, the one that looks like a credit card, but lets a person choose their own gift. You choose the shop, or you can give a American Express or other "generic" gift card, which can be used anywhere. How about a tee shirt with a VW theme, with a gift card for his local parts and accessories store in the pocket of the shirt?

    Or combine the two, and get a mouse pad made from a picture of his favorite VW. Kinkos and lots of other places have them. In fact, I think you can get mouse pads from Yahoo! Photo.

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    I have the same problem except I had to guess on mine! haha First what is your budget i spent more then i wanted which was $50 but just an idea. I got him an old harley model bike all made from metal. You can go to Costco and get him a car book or electronics book. or maybe a model Volkswagon that is already made or one for him to make. Does he collect anything? Get him something for his collection. Or how about starting him on a collection of VW's you can find the model cars at the dealerships.

    hope i gave you some help


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    A car modlel that he can paint and put together himself that is deffanitly the best idea!

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    get him an american express gift card and he can buy whatever he wants. you can tell him you were torn between a subscription to a vw magazine or music downloads.

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  • 1 decade ago

    RC Car.

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