When is Yahoo going to sort out my mailing problems?

I contacted you on the 21st November 2006 regarding the composing, replying, moving and forwarding of e-mail on my address as it is not working, it merely says: "Error on Page". You replied on the 22nd November 2006 that it would be sorted out. As yet, nothing has been done. My two e-mail addresses are as follows; marlene_j_b@yahoo.com and jeffwhin@yahoo.com. We need these addresses sorted as soon as possible as they both receive business as well as personal mail. Kind Regards, Marlene

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    1 decade ago
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    hi this is Yahoo we gave up - our priority is clearing up the false reports for SAYS ME

    Marlene i assume you meant to contact Yahoo but this is Yahoo Answers ( a public forum ) try using the link at the bottom of the page on Yahoo or My Yahoo

  • houff
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    4 years ago

    The development which hosts the Yahoo eu Operations documents Centre has been without potential because of the fact that 13:40 this afternoon. potential replaced into restored to each and each portion of the development over a a million hour era between approximately 7-8pm. the adult males that artwork in the Yahoo suite have informed me that the potential outage led to huge technical issues and that they are no longer constructive while they are going to be completely operational. there replaced into additionally a quick potential outage on Friday, besides the fact that i'm not sure to what volume or length this affected their operations.

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