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loose ten pounds in one week?

does anybody know how to loose ten pounds in a week anyhing

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    Thats a lot to lose in a week, it would help if you said your weight

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    that is not a realistic goal, but I can help you lose 5 pounds in one week.....here it goes

    drink 8 glasses of lemon water per day ( for 7 days)

    eat proteins ( 3 servings of 6 oz proteins )

    eat veggies ( unlimited )

    and 3 servings of fruits ( stick with berries 1 serving=1 cup )

    don't have any starches

    no alcohol

    eat no later than 1 hour after waking up

    and eat every 2 hours after wards ...this has always worked for me.............remember water is the most important thing ......NO SALTY FOODS .....limit your salt intake or better no salt use salt free condiments

    good luck

    Source(s): work at a weightloss facility
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    Whether you can lose 10 lbs depends on how much you weigh now. If 10 lbs is all you need to lose, it won't happen in 1 week.

    The fastest ways to lose are:

    1) Fasting

    2) Kimkins diet

    3) South Beach or Atkins (old style)

    4) Weight Watchers or other 'balanced' diet

    5) Exercise alone.

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    properly, in case you loose it multi functional week, that would me too rapid, and you will start to loose your hair from the dramatic exchange. the superb thank you to be the proper weight is to easily consume impressive, and not purely for a week, yet your total existence, however you in all hazard understand that. anyhow, what facilitates is activia yogurt, it particularly is impressive it facilitates regulate and facilitates with bloating, additionally merely watch what you consume, culmination like apples and different ingredients extreme in fiber are additionally solid...it particularly is approximately all i've got been given

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    No, you can't lose 10 pounds in a week!

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    you could try to go on a 1200 calorie a day diet.

    VERY low salt, low fat (only good fats like olive oil....), low carb. eat lots for veggies and 2-3 fruits a day


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    Cabbage soup diet.

    Source(s): www.faddiet.com
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