How do I go about finding next of kin to notify them of adeath in thier family? He never said where they are?

how to find relatives of Jerry Upright ? He died Monday of a heart attackin Bradenton Fl . I dont know where he was originally from please help we need to set up a funeral for him. Thank You , Tammy Foerst -Bradenton Fl

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think your best bet is to put an obituary in the paper. If you don't know where he was from, all you have to go on is his name and birthday, and I'm sure there are a lot of Jerry Upright's out there. It is very noble of you to want to notify them, but if they were people that would be sympathetic about the passing, then I'm sure you would know how to reach them.

    Maybe doing a background check on him, you may find out where his past residence was.

    If he was 63 years old when he passed, there is a public record of another address for him in ONECO, FL - but you have to pay for the report to get the information.

    And a relative of GERRY C UPRIGHT is listed who also shows addresses listed in Bradelton and Oneco.

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    If you know his social security number the first 3 indicate the state where it was issued. That would be a start. Look in the social security death index and it tells you how to go about doing that.

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    Try contacting a local funeral director. They would probably know how to go about it. You will probably need the Jerry's Social Security number.

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