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how do i have microsoft Vista already?

my rich buddy bought me a computer, i didnt ask him but its installed with microsoft vista..i looked it up and it said it has not been released yet..what the?

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    He may have gotten vista through his work. Businesses get Vista a whole month ahead of everyone else if they have contract with them. My school is actually getting is pretty soon because they have a volume license with Microsoft.

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    Microsoft has been sending out beta releases of Windows Vista for the past year now. They give early versions of it to people so they can try it out so Microsoft can find out what bugs people run into when they use it regularly. Pirated copies of these early beta versions can be found on the internet, too.

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    Thats just a trial version and it is a marketing technique to bundle the software with the computers being sold to let prospective consumers try the unreleased software. No way its free!

    Source(s): was a support engg for microsoft
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    its not for cunsumer sale until january. unless you want a beta or release candidate version, but those keys expire in may 07

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