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do you remember your first kiss?

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    Yes my first real kiss was in a public bathroom stall and with a girl

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    I remember my first kiss quite fondly

    It was just a kiss, really. It didn't last long. And yet, it was a discovery, a realization. I'd learned how to lose myself in something too big to name, discovering a place where time became irrelevant. I felt both powerful and powerless. I'd tasted feelings that could make the whole dim world around me disappear.

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    Yes...her name was Carmen and I was maybe 14 or 15. She was a friend of my sisters. We dated for perhaps a month and she dumped me. We started dating during again during my senior year in high school and that last until half way through my first year in college. She was my first "true love", but it was not meant to be.

    Now if you want to ask me about the ultimate kiss, I will save the story for another time.

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    i was 15 and two cheerleaders had me held up against a car and were tag-teaming me with their tongues. something i totally wasn't expecting to happen that night.

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