To what degree are the stereotypes true?

We all know what the standard stereotypes are of those of various religious beliefs: Christians, Muslims, Athiests, etc. What percentage of these stereotypes are true? Do you feel that the stereotypes about the religious group to which you belong are less true than the stereotypes about the other groups?


This question arises from the plethora of questions and answers here based on stereotypes and straw man fallacies.

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    Stereotypes form from what it appears the majority of those distinct people are doing. Stereotypes are usually untrue about the whole group, but are usually true about the most visible ones of those groups. It appears to me that the least desireable of any group are the ones most demonstrative and most visible and thats where the stereotypes come from. Are all Italians mobsters? No... but those who are make themselves very visible. Are all blacks ghetto thugs? No, but those who are make themselves most visible, are all Christians nasty judgemental hypcrites? No, but those who are have made themselves most visible. Are all gays flamboyant hairdressers? No, but they're the ones most visible.

    Usually the stereotypes are what we wish people would overlook. Best thing to do I suppose is for the good people of these bunches to come out and be more vocal for their side.

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    Wow, a good question finally!

    Stereotypes are always true to some degree. However most people unfortunately use them as generalizations. for example: when I get bombarded by the holier than thou born again ex-con, or the hard selling scare tactic using witness @ my front door, or the wack job on main st. telling everyone within earshot they will burn in hell for their sins, not being Christian these are my only contact, my only taste of Christianity. Not to say that I don’t come into contact with Christians everyday that keep to themselves (or at least don’t try to convert you on site).although they are probably the majority, these Christians don’t stand out, so they are not stereotyped. Its the loud annoying non-tolerant holier than you jackasses who think their way is the only way, and get off on shoving it down your throat is who gets stereotyped, to the great misfortune of the rest of you.

    The other side of the coin is the atheists. Believing that monkey turned into ridiculous!!! That’s the one I hear the most. But the difference is that no atheist ever said that. Those same Christians who emulate the Christian stereotype mentioned earlier, take general vague statements like " evolved from an "ape like" creature", and assume that all atheists believe that one day an ape had a human baby. Nobody believes that...and the funny thing is no atheist has ever said that. Unlike the Christian stereotype this "atheist" stereotype is unfounded. Only jealously created by ignorant creationists hoping to bring atheists beliefs to their level of logic...or lack therof.

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    Well, I am associated with Jehovah's Witnesses, and I know what most of the typical stereotypes for my religion are... that we don't allow our children to watch tv or have computers; that we come to your door because that gets us brownie points in heaven; that we don't believe in Jesus because we don't celebrate Christmas; that we are mindless, robotic and easily led ; that we aren't allowed opinions or original thoughts; that we shun disfellowshipped relatives and ex-members with little or no provocation... the list could go on and on. Are these things true? As a whole, NO !! There are certainly instances where some of these things might be partially true for a different reason, but that would be like saying that because A dog nipped you as a child for pulling it's ears, ALL dogs are biters. It just isn't true all across the board, and therefore is untrue as a generalization. And there is no way to judge how true any generalization for another religion is, as generalizations by definition pigeonhole people, and it doesn't show the reality of the differences in people.

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    On a scale of 1-10, a person or group can rate an 8 or 9 in their words, works, actions and deeds "UNTIL" one mistake is made and then all heck breaks loose. All the good is forgotten and the person or group turns into something bad, disgraceful or stereotyped. But what can you say, the one thing we all share, in spite of our individual Spiritual Traditions, agreed upon or not... we're all human... (Now there's a subject--smile!)

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    I believe that steroetypes for any religion are not true, for the most part. Bible thumpers belong to all categories of Christianity as Muslim extremists are distance from the true faith of Islam. I feel that Wiccans are a way extended branch of Witchcraft and paganism is such a broad term covering so many religions that generalizations made about that are too broad to explain anyone.

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    Yes I think the stereotypes of my religion are less true. My family jokes and says I belong to a cult. It is nothing like that at all.

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