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food in the bible?

wut kinds of food did people eat on a daily bases?

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    Civilization at that time was cereal and grain based, Bread was the food of choice, as if there was much choice. Some protein thrown in when available.

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    There were all kinds of people alive in Bible times. Jews had a restricted diet that omitted things like pork (splitter of the hoof not chewer of the cud)They were forbidden to eat blood. But there was a wide array of food. garlic, leeks, watermelon, wheat, barley, bitter greens, lamb, beef, honey, wine, beer are a few foods that were mentioned by name. (The Egyptians also ate some of these products) Those not Jews ate a wide variety of thing. Dainties of the Babylonians were mentioned in contrast to a Jewish diet (Daniel 1)

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    At one time, only vegetables. Later meat, but God's people were not allowed to eat certain knids of meat because of his law. In time, some specific parts of meat were not eaten by God's people because of traditions. Pagans would eat according to their customs which were usually not strict except for in the case that they would not eat an animal that they so happened to worship. They were also keen on drinking blood, this was very popular for many reasons.

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    Read Leviticus 11

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    kosher kinds of food.

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    at one time, manna

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