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What is the best (winter) seasonal beer?

I'm partial to Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale.

Any other suggestions?

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    I have to agree, Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale is my favorite.

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    Alexander Keith's Winter Brew is a new release. Good Canadian seasonal beer :)

    I've also heard good things about the Great Lakes Blackout Beer.

    Go to and they've got a list of the Top Seasonal Brews.

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    Magic Hat form packs are consistently reliable. Gotta love Saranac the surprising too. The Beerman has to get a case or 12 %. of seasonals to cost genuine quickly. And it is not a seasonal however the Beerman consistently gets a case of Franziskaner Dunkel around Christmas time too.

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    Sierra Nevada's is excellent, but my personal favorite is Anchor's Christmas Ale.

    Buy some, and keep it for a few years. Store it as you would a wine - keep it away from heat and light. It gets better with age.

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    By far Sam Adams Winter Lager. They also have a seasonal 12 pack with 5 different seasonal beers. Highly reccommended, trust me youll love it

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    The Sam Adams Winter brew is pretty much the best I think the seasonal mix pack is good too except for the cranberry shewwww they are rough for my taste but yea Sam Adams got my vote

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    My bf really likes the Sam Adams Winter Brew

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    I would have to say that Dogfish Head Pumpkin ale is one of the best. There is also the ale made by Unibroue called Quelque Chose that is a cherry ale. Top notch ale there. Very hard to find as it is brewed in limited quantities. It is also great when heated.

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    I always appreciate Four Peaks winter seasonal ale selection. We should take a trip over there during Winter Break.

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    You, quite literally, took the words right off of my keyboard before I even clicked to answer! LOL! But that "could" be superceded by Rogue's annual holiday offering, Santa's Private Reserve which I am anxious to try.

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