How do you mat a drawing?!?

i have my matboard cut and i have foamcore to put underneath it, are you supposed to tape the drawing to the inside of the matboard or the top of the foam core? thats all i need to know and please hurry

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    1 decade ago
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    top of foam core and use the smallest amount of tape that will hold it preferably not acid tape if anyone around the art dept has any just barely catch the edges of the drawing paper as tape screws up paper unless it is archival

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    I've been framing for 5 years. Original artwork is always preservation mounted on ragboard with corners, plastic strips or linen tape. A standard mount uses white artist tape.

    Double backed tape can be used to affix the mat to the ragboard, but never to the artwork. Foamcore is behind the ragboard.

    If you have to use the tape, catch just the top back edge of the artwork then position the mat and press it unto the tape. The art should always hang from the top to prevent it from buckling during temperature and humidity changes.

    The mat's original purpose was to prevent moisture condensation on the inside of the glass from damaging the art.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In the past I've always used rubber cement with no acid. This is very strong and holds together just about anything. If some spills, wait 'til it drys and rub it off.

    If you actually do this, buy a glue that has a brush on the end of the cap. I highly suggest the Elmer's brand.

    Brush the sides that will be sticking together, make the foamcore and the matboard are even and voila!

    Source(s): I've used this technique for years.
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    You can also use blue painters tape, works well. plus masking tape comes off easy with a hairdryer, to reactivate the sticky. tape it to the backing or the matte board will work.

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