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Reasons for going to war??????

Please help me. My class is having a debate!!!!!. 10 points for the deepest and best answer!!!!

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    The reason stated by the President was to remove the threat of weapons of mass destruction from Iraq. The Administration publicly and repeal stated that there was proof of WMD, and that it was the duty of the United States to remove this threat before it was put to use. A statement was made at the U.N. by the Bush administration that "we don't want the proof to be in the form of a mushroom cloud". That was referring to the theory that Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but was also pursuing a nuclear program.

    No weapons of mass destruction were found by the UN weapons inspectors in the years between the Gulf War and this invasion. There were WMD that were destroyed immediately after the Gulf War in 1991, and verified by the UN weapons inspection teams.

    In addition to this, there was a unified Republican attempt to try to link Saddam Hussein to Bin Laden, 9/11 and Al Queda. This all proved to be baseless.

    No weapons of mass destruction have been found since the invasion. This means that the reason for going to war was based on faulty intelligence to put it in the best light.

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    You will not get an accurate answer here you will get peoples opinions.My opinion is that officially we went to war because Saddam Hussein had WMDs and violated UN mandates ( even though we dont care what the UN says, explain that, we went to war to enforce mandates given by something we dont follow)

    After 9/11 the entire country wrapped themselves in the flag and believed Bush was doing what was best for our country. The resolution to go to war was hastily passed. We should never have gone to war, this war has been the best recruitment the terrorists could ever hope for.

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    Well, all the pansies out there would say its for oil and so Bush could get rich.

    Well.. guess what?


    If thats so true, why was gas over 3 bucks a gallon, being the highest prices ever in recent history?

    We went to war because we believed, though wrong, that Saddam had or was producing WMD's (nukes)

    People whine and complain that we have no right to do this, yet they're the same pansies that are complaining that we're not doing anything in darfur.

    Saddam massacred his own people, using chemical, biological, and conventional weapons to see what would be the most devastating. Now that we've removed him, instead of those people that were being slaughtered thanking us; they elect a prime minister that goes against US policy when he'd potentially be in a death camp right now wern't it for us.

    We've saved the lives of potentially 650,000+ people.

    It's so ironic how people think. They beg us to go help liberate a place, and once we're on the move to do so, they change their minds and attack us saying that we have no right to do anything.

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    I am assuming this is not about a specific war, and will answer accordingly.

    When America is threatened by someone with the will and means to hurt our nation.

    When a ruthless regime is murdering thousands and the UN has not intervened, and the President and Congress agree. It's preservation of humanity.

    When America has been attacked by an ideology, it is acceptable to make war on that ideology.

    To protect our allies, if they need our support, with the approval of the President and Congress.

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    Iraq has been for some time a nation that espoused a hatred of the U.S., stirred up activism against the U.S. and provided a safe haven for terrorists and terrorist training facilities, repeatedly thumbed their noses at the U.S. and United Nation resolutions decided upon after the first Gulf War (which put them, effectively in a cease-fire condition [the terms of which they violated, giving the U.S. grounds for re-invasion]). These violations included firing at U.S. planes flying overhead and refusal to allow weapons inspectors access to information regarding the disposal of weapons of mass destruction. They were known to have these weapons and never showed documentation (as required by the U.N.) of where they went. In fact, Sadaam wanted the world to believe that he had these weapons so he could maintain a position of strength with Iran, a nation that did not get along well with Iraq. This created a general sense in the terrorist organizations that the U.N. resolutions meant nothing and that the U.S. was weak and could be stepped all over without fear of retaliation. In addition, Sadaam was known to be a cruel dictator that was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, rapes and tortures of his own people just to maintain his illusion of strength. Bush and his cabinet (as well as other members of the coalition) sought to address all these issues and show terroists that we were not to be messed with in the hopes that it would discourage further attacks on the U.S. (note: Iraq was not tied in to the attacks on 9/11, just to being a supporter of terroism and anti-U.S. sentiment in general).

  • In Iraq? Here is the resolution passed by congress:

    Good luck.

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    the legitimate reasons for going to war are there is an imminent threat to the people of the nation that outweigh the cost of life a war will inevitably bring.

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    Since you didn't make reference to a specific war, I'll give you a list of general reasons for going to war.

    There are politcally motivated wars, there are economically motivated wars, there are wars over resources, wars over territorial rights, wars for expansionist reasons, or going to war to protect your land from invasion.

    Most wars are fought for greed, very few are fought for honor.

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    In my country (this is Poland) soldiers go to Irack and Afganistan ONLY for the money. Our gouvernement oficially support wor in middle east but society not. Consequently soldiers have possibility to go there by contract. Soldiers go there because they earn more money than when they spent that time in Poland when is peace.

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    False intelligence and a trigger-happy President (who ignored the entire world's screaming not to go to war).

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