Which is your religion more likely to embrace: Individual Liberty or Social Cohesion?

Individual liberty and social cohesion are frequently at odds with one another, and balancing the two is a requirement of functional societies. Religions, too, take a stance on which deserves more importance. Quakers embrace a great deal of individual freedom. Catholics have a strong sense of keeping a community morality in line.

The same can be said about governments & societies, and religions have variously gone with the flow or swum upstream. (China has great trouble with the individualistic Falun Gong religion. Christianity has been the civil religion in a number of western countries and as such has promoted loyalty to the state.)

How does your faith (or non-faith) address the inevitable conflict between individual freedoms and social cohesion?


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    atheists, I suppose, embrace individual liberty

    I can only speak for myself

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    Christianity, regardless of what some may think, is about individual liberty. God gave us freedom of choice, to accept His Son, Jesus, or not. It is by believing in who He is and what He has done, that we then become one with Him. God is love, and His love then works within us so that we may love Him and others, the result being "social cohesion". Most of the non-profit and social aid organizations are faith-based for this reason. The only ones at odds to this are those who decide not to believe. To the Christian, there is no conflict between the two. Love becomes the basis for all decisions, individual and social.

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    I have no religion, but I value my freedom a great deal. I think that people have to make the choice themselves, but to be honest I don’t think Social Cohesion can possible win out in the long run because people who do believe that Individual Liberty is more important tend to fight to the death for it. No one believes in Social Cohesion so strongly that they are willing to die for it.

    Or what I mean is Total Social Cohesion - Right now there is a balance of the two

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    the free will to practice my individual freedom as long as it does not interfere with the individual freedom and rights of others or go against the laws rules and mores of the Country in which one resides which is necessary for dealing with the other Countries which one needs to deal with through social cohesion for the benefit of all individual citizens. especially since it would be impossible for each individual to make individual decisions.

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    As long as it doesn't go against my belief then I'm ok. I support our state as you say. But if anyone ever tells me to stop serving the Lord then I will choose to obey a higher standard of living. So individual then social. My relationship with Christ comes first. I value everyone else and their rights. I respect the law and etc but I will not turn from my faith should I be forced to denounce the Lord.

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    mine would always choose social cohesion over individual liberty.

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