how do i start a fire?

how do i start a fire!

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    ur what for well ok first where are gonna start a fire??? umm well you need kindleing wood and newspaper and matches first put the newspaper in the stove or wherever then put the kindleing if u dont know what that is the store will know then ligh it up but criss cross the kindleing dont ask why then when that starts burning add some wood oh yeah u have to light the fire ok so add the wood ask the store what type of wood or wherever you get it from then well just keep a good eye on it not letting in to much air or to little and keep that baby stoked!!!! and if this is to confusing ask a person who sells stoves

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    I'm going to assume you mean in a fireplace or wood stove and with matches? Think small.. ..make a support of two thick pieces layed parallel ..add crumpled newspaper in center... then make a teepee of small twigs and sticks.over the paper..if your firewood is really aged and dry you can add larger sticks and logs on to the support pieces [if not wait until teepee burns down to hot embers then add small logs ], you have to go a little slow at first until you have a nice HOT pile of embers ..remeber to cross pieces as you needs to get air from underneath.

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    I am a fireman and expert at putting out fires. From my observation you must have some sort of combustible material and a source of ignition coming in contact with that combustible material.

    Works every time.

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    Gasolene works great. Also, if you have any extra cushion (polyeurathane???) from a sofa. That works excellent. Just ligght a chuck of it and throw it atop the wood. It will drip down and stick to the wood and burn for 5-10 minutes.

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  • OK ms. pyro, you need some matches and kerosene.

    pour kerosene all over that which you wish to set on fire.

    then light a match, drop it and run like hell in that order

    there's more practical vandalism tips at the anarchist's cookbook website

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    take some leaves and get a lighter and stick the lighter under it and turn it on and let it burn and repenish on leaves and wood

    Source(s): my head
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    Call the almighty devil himself. But

    be warn! He might offer u something u can't refuse!

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    Fire requires three things.

    Heat, fuel, and oxygen.

    combine all three, poof, fire.

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    throw gas on what you want to burn and light a match. Make sure your a few feet away when you light it.

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    get 2 stick's and rub them together until you see smoke then start blowing on it then it should lite

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