Why are unbelievers critical of Christians no matter what they do in regard to sin? If ...?

If Christians ignore sin, they are called hypocrits.

If Christians rebuke sin, they are called judgemental.

Is there anything a Christian can do that won't invoke such judgments from others. (Not pointing out the ironic hypocrisy of being "judged" as judgmental.)

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    Even the mere mention of Jesus invokes opposition. Christ said it Himself that these things will take place. Just continue to trust in, rely on and adhere to Him and all will be well. God is all wisdom itself, don't fear man.

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    1) There is no such thing as sin

    2) The are called hypocrites because the vast majority of them don't practice what they preach.

    3) They are called judgmental because they preach that everybody else is wrong and are going to hell because we don't belive as they do.

    4) If they would just live their lives and not try to dictate to others on how others live just like them.

    They get the most criticism because they are the major religion in the west, in other areas of the world the most prominent religion would be the focus of the criticism, except where islam reigns supreme, only because islam still kills it's detractors and it's hard to get a real dialog going with the religious police shooting (actually stoning) the detractors.

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    I personally have never called a Christin a hypocrite or judge mental. I agree with most Christian moral values. (Not all). I just don't consider amoral acts sin. Some of them are illegal but not sin. And of course I don't believe in God and miracles. Strong moral values are good. Belief in a fantasy deity is not. Kisses Betty

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    How about just keeping your mouth closed when you're dealing with someone who doesn't share your faith? Even your Bible tells you that you should deal with your own sins and only worry about someone else's once your own are solved.

    According to your Bible, your nature is sinful and thus, your own sins will never be fully resolved until God resurrects you and remakes you perfect.

    The logical conclusion, by your own holy text -- is that my sins are none of your business.

    However, if you're going to follow a religion, you need to follow it. Every human makes a few minor mistakes, I'm not going to call you a hypocrite if you tell a little white lie when your wife asks if her new dress makes her look fat. But if you go emailing young men and propositioning them as a certain Christian senator recently did, or go actively hiring a gay prostitute to copulate with your oral cavity and then do crack cocaine with you as a prominent evangelical recently did, then yes, yes you are a hypocrite... that's not small, that's huge, and it's ACTIVELY huge. You had to go through a lot of effort to do those kinds of things.

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    As long as Christianity, as well as several of the other "ultimate truths", have as their end and gleefully sought after goal, the END OF THE WORLD, and as long as they believe that their rights are being violated if they are denied the opportunity to use the coercive power of the state to shove their god down every ones throat, you will have to put up with us being in your face. Why should we abandon a forum where we can let you know that you will not be allowed to carry out the silly "End Times" rubbish that you seem to forget would include the rest of us.

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    No. Some unbelievers will try to find fault with us no matter what we say. I cant count all the times an unbeliever has told me I cant be a real Christian because I am tolerant, or because I got divorced. Frankly, I dont know why they care, they dont believe anyway.

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    There are four Gospels in the Bible. Critics may not be able read any of those. But U be the "fifth"......reading u'r life & my life, let all realise how christians really are.

    God Bless U !!

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    they need to look for exuses to put to death their inner fears. so they can go about their enslaved habits. iam not saying iam perfect but at least when a king hears of another king whom is more powerful, is coming to destroy him. the first king decides whether he can win against this king, if he cant he tries to make terms of peace.- yeh there is enough wolves in sheeps clothing ragging havoc to make unbelievers feel justified in not believing.- sorry doesnt cut it though! not here to tickle peoples ears- just to speak the truth. everyone must seek truth!

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    Christians need to worry about themselves and not the lives of others. That keeps them from judging and ignoring their sin.

    They shouldn't preach to others unless asked about their faith.

    I think that sums up what would keep them from being criticised.

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    I'm an "unbeliever" but I'm not critical of Christians or any other religious group. If they don't try to push their religion on me, I don't care how, to who, how much, or why they pray. It's none of my business.

    Are you sure you're not being judgemental of non-believers ?

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