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Please help me identify this soccer-like game.?

Many years ago, in our high school phys ed class, we played a game occasionally that was a combination of American football and soccer. Can someone tell me what it might be called.

It was played on the football/soccer field. If the ball was in the air, it was an airball, and you would advance down the field by throwing the ball between teammates. Scoring a "touchdown" by forward pass was worth one point. At any time, a player could punt the ball through the football field goal uprights for two points. If the ball touched the ground, then the game was played like soccer, and a soccer goal was 3 points. If, when in soccer mode, a player caught the ball in the air, it was an airball again.

I was just wondering if this was a real sport somewhere, or if the PE teacher just made it up. Any ideas?

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    It sounds a lot like Gaelic Football...played in Ireland

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    Sounds like Austrailian Rules football.

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    Never heard of this before..Your teacher probably made this up.

    There is a sport called "handball" in wich you dribble the ball like in basketball but shoot it in the goals like in soccer..i thought that's what you were asking for.

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