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Does foreign citizenship exist in Japan?

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    "if your country allows dual citizenship, then even if you must "choose" in Japan, your country may allow you to retain that citizenship. The United States is one example of this. But I have heard from a US Embassy staffer personally, that as long as you don't become a government employee, you can still get away with dual US/Japan citizenship if you are born with it."

    "Persons holding both foreign citizenship and Japanese citizenship (dual nationals) must, before reaching age 22 (or, if having acquired dual nationality after age 20, within two years of acquisition) choose a single nationality.

    If you do not choose a nationality, you may lose your Japanese nationality. Because of this, it is important to consider this issue carefully.

    For additional details, please consult the nearest city, ward or town office, the Legal Affairs Office (Homukyoku) or Japanese Embassy or Consulate abroad."

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    If you mean whether Japan allows dual citizenship/nationality, the answer is no.

    The citizenship and nationality are almost same meaning in Japan.

    But you can hold foreign passport outside of Japan.

    Cos it only means, if you chose Japan nationality, you can and have to act as Japaense only in Japan.

    Then you can't refuge in or ask any help to the other foreign embassy or consulate in Japan.

    After you chose Japane passport, and if you were under arrest, Japan would treat you as a Japanese only.

    I repeat, You can hold your foreign passport outside of Japan. It may work in your country. But not in Japan.

    If you chose Japan passport, you have to act as a Japanese when you are in Japan. But Japan govenment won't be able to confine either your right outside of Japan or other nations' rules.

    Do you get what I mean?

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    No. There is no way to gain citizenship in Japan if you have no Japanese ancestry (and in some cases, it has to be a certain kind.)

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    I really don't know, but i read some were that Japan is certainly not the most open society on the planet, that they do have limiting random to citizens and immigration laws. So take it from there what do you think.

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    Japan has regulations previous to the age of twenty-two. After that twin citizenship isn't allowed. New Zealand enables twin citizenship. US enables twin citizenship. (Me US & ROI, spouse ROC & US) Canada enables twin citizenship. (Have cousins who're Canadian & US)

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