doc a asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 1 decade ago is this an old bill for real?

I rec a call they asked me if i was in the military 1970's or 80's. soon after i rec a bill from a co. in the mail said that i owed $1200.from a loan at a credit union back then. i told them it's not mine is this fro real??

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    I would think that the statuate of limitations would apply to this case. Call the credit union yourself and ask for their documentation that shows that you took this loan. It sounds like a fraud to me.

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    First of all if you were in the military them and you had gotten a loan you probably wouldn't have supplied whatever phone number you have now. Its a scam..... tell them they need to send you documentation. You will not even consider paying them without that. They will give you reasons but just keep asking. Point out to them that even if it was true what company goes after loans 20+ years later. Personally if it was me I would play along enough to get contact information and then contact law enforcement. Sounds like a hassle but this would ensure that you are protected. Then if is does turn out to be a real mistake by some one in a million chance you will be able to provide more documentation to back up your claim. I would see it as a way to screw people who are trying to screw you because it so has to be a scam.

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    Not sure in Florida, but in OK, if you are not billed at least 1 time every 2 years, they cannot collect even if you owe it.

    I would demand a copy of the contract, or whatever proof they claim as basis for the bill.

    My opinion is that the statute of limitation on collecting has run out anyway.

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    what? Things can only stay on your credit score for 8 yrs. It's probably a scam why are you giving out that info?

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    Dont' pay. Its a scam.

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    not real, it's a scam

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