What do you get a man who's "got everyting"?

I've run out of ideas...

I want to get a man who "has everything" but who has been a tower of help to myself and other families over the past few months, and we want to buy a gift for him...HELP?

He's in his 40's, long-term relationship. I know he's interested in race horses, and property.

Many thanks

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    Get together with the other people he's helped and put together a memory book for him, letting him know how grateful you all are for his help. You can buy a nice leather album and put in photos, notes, cards, drawings by kids involved, whatever. If he has alot of material things already, this will be a great token of your appreciation, with alot of personal memories from the receipients of his help.

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    A man with "everything" ....that could be pretty hard shopping for someone who has it all. Is he rich?

    Well you may have it all in life, but to be treated special by others, means so much. Maybe you can get in touch with the other families he has helped. Together you can buy him a trip somewhere. Be sneaky and find out where his favorite vacation spot is, or his life dream. Together with the other families you could raise enough money to pay his way to have a vacation.

    Its something he would never forget his friends doing, he would know he was appreciated.

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    Try a gourmet shop or on-line service. caviar or Scottish smoked salmon, a fine cheese with an appropriate biscuit pack and a fine bottle of wine are starter ideas.

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    A compact disc of his favorite musical artist would be a splendid gift.

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    a nice bottle of liquor? If he doesn't drink, then, maybe a book on race horses ( Lots of nice pictures) .

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    Somewhere to put "everything"!

    Sorry I can't help, I really don't know anyone who has everything.

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    does he have a circus midget?

    can you buy those?

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