what is the difference between radius and kerberos?

both are used to authenticate user access to services. what features make one more applicable to which applications?

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    Radius is a half-diameter of a circle, or a portion of the curve, whereas Kerberos is a city located in a live volcano in the Crappian Sea.

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    Radius Vs Diameter Protocol

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    RADIUS is a full Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) protocol and Kerberos is really zooming in on the Authentication piece of that using private key crypto and mutual authentication.

    From the reference below:

    RADIUS is a client-server authentication and authorization access protocol used by the Network Access Server (NAS) to authenticate users attempting to connect to a network device. The NAS functions as a client, passing user information to one or more RADIUS servers. The NAS permits or denies network access to a user based on the response it receives from one or more RADIUS servers. RADIUS uses UDP for transport between the RADIUS client and server.

    Kerberos is a client-server based secret-key network authentication method that uses a trusted Kerberos server to verify secure access to both services and users. In Kerberos, this trusted server is called the key distribution center (KDC). The KDC issues tickets to validate users and services. A ticket is a temporary set of electronic credentials that verify the identity of a client for a particular service.

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    Cutting through all the technical lingo... Use a RADIUS server/servers in a large enterprise where you want centralized authentication for many, many different systems. Otherwise, it's not worth the bother.

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    radius is from the middle of the circle to the edge, whereas diameter is from one end to the other going through the middle.

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    These concepts are used in what we call IT domain security. RADIUS is a server used to authenticate computers and devices (and thus users too) remotely connected to a (private) network. Usually it uses a LDAP directory (a protocol and database) to get the user profile (roles and connected devices) to grant him access and Kerberos to ensure a secure authentication thanks to cryptographic techniques.

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