Im trying to play literati, but when i join, i dont see the board? what's wrong?


I used to play this everytime....but from yesterday, I cant see the board anymore. How do I know I have a macromedia flash already?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    .Yahoo and anyone how says turn off pop up blocker is mistaken,it is needed to block unwanted pop ups. When you try getting in lounge or room and it doesn't work. click on pop up blocker. always allow tab it will say recent pop ups blocked. high light then click allow. This is the proper way to use the pop up blocker, and in past 5 months I have never had a problem or had to hold any keys down to get in.1st thing you do when you get in lounge is check small windows in options box. once in room make sure you expand it to see chat area. this also gets rid of the big ads. IE browser settings to allow pop ups right click on IE icon ,properties, privacy tab, cookie over ride. Type in, allow….ok ... To find out if you have a flash player;

    go to start,settings,control panel. add/remove programs.look for a flash player,adobe flash works for games.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am assuming you mean playing Literati online. You need to install Macromedia Flash (the latest version) to play.

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