proactive pursuant?

Okay, this is the sentence...

Our role in this relationship, as we spoke of, is more reactive then proactive pursuant.

This is a sentence in a letter that my boss had me type up. I argued with him that you can NOT say "proactive pursuant", but he whole heartedly disagreed with me. He wants all of his letters to sound professional. How can I tackfully tell him that using "proactive pursuant" makes him sound like an idiot?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you value your job (over his that is) I suggest that you do nothing. One mention of the fault in his writing is enough. Any more will be considered insubordination.

    Unless this boss is your younger brother, that is

    I expect he may go home and ask someone else about your suggestion. Good bosses do not hear criticism and do nothing. But it is NOT your place to do any more in this situation. Trust me!!

    And you misspelled /tactfully/ - "filled with tact"

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