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how can i find the perimeter and area of a box?

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    perimeter= 4(L+W+H)

    area= length times the width times the height

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    A box has four sides. you have to find out each perimeter and you have to add .

    Example: A rectangular shape box having length L ,width W and height H .Find its perimeter.


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    you mean a rectangular prism? or a rectangle?

    For a rectangle, perimeter is 2(sideA)+2(sideB) and area is sideA x sideB

    For a rectangular prism, there are diferent terms used

    the area becomes volume and the formula is: the Length of the box x the Hight x the Width

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    Perimeter=width+hight times two

    Area= width times hight

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    Let x, y, z be the dimensions

    Perimeter = 4(x+y+z) because there are 4 edges in each direction.

    Area = 2(xy + xz + yz) because there is a pair of opposite squares for each combination of 2 dimensions


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    i'm assuming you mean square/rectangle and not cube, right?

    perimeter, add the lengths of the sides

    area, length x width

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    if its a square or a rectangle, you can find the area by multiplying the length, the width and the height.

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